How to Buy Caviar Without Going Broke

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Expert advice for all your fish egg-buying needs. When it comes to fancy New Years Eve snacks, caviar is king. But it can be daunting: isn’t it super expensive? How do you know which kind to buy? And how the hell do you serve it?
As 2016 prepared to turn to 2017, the hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai held a New Year’s Eve gala with a very special guest. Carried by four white-gloved waiters, a gold-plated tin of 17 KG (37.5 pounds) of caviar entered the room. As it took the stage, people clamored to snap photos of the massive round of cured fish roe that the Guinness Book of World Records was about to crown as the largest tin of caviar ever. Until now, that is.
Losing my sense of taste for a time a while ago, I invited our metropolitan daughter to bring me Christmas goodies that might, in passing, shock a numbed palate to respond.
At the intimate Caviar Room, located within Restaurant Guy Savoy in Caesars Palace Las Vegas, guests are served a flute of Krug Grande Cuvée Champagne($29) as executive chef Julien Asseo begins to prepare exotic a la carte caviarcreations on the exclusive menu. That is because chefs Savoy and Asseo know Champagne is the perfect accompaniment to caviar—whether a simple 3 oz. tasting or a complex presentation of Savoy’s signature Colors of Caviar (